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About Nice Touch Chiropractic in Laguna Beach, CA

Dr. Veronica Nice - Chiropractor in Laguna Beach, CA
Our belief at Nice Touch Chiropractic is that every person should live a healthy and pain free life. Healing comes from within and modern safe chiropractic treatment allows your body to heal naturally.

The spine and nerve system carry messages from the brain to every cell of your body - and back again from every cell to your brain. When there is damage or injury to the back (spine), vertebra can come out of proper alignment, which is termed a vertebral subluxation. These subluxations can cause interference to the messages in your nerve system resulting in pain and a loss of health. A subluxation decreases your quality of life physically, emotionally, and socially.

A Solution For Improved Health

Optimum health is sustained by balance - the balance between our body, our spirit, and our mind.

If you suffer from pain that limits or prevents you from working and doing the things you enjoy, your mental and emotional well being will be impacted. However, when your body gets the support and care it needs, you will quickly recover from injuries and eliminate pain to enjoy a more productive and successful life!

A Common Health Issue

Research has proven that one cause of Migraine is subluxation and neck muscle spasms. Migraines can be effectively managed with Chiropractic Care.

After nearly a decade of working with patients - ranging from a 6-month old with colic to an active 87-year old - Dr. Veronica Nice's approach to chiropractic care is simple: "Our body is designed to heal and balance itself. What I do is use the body's healing capabilities by removing spinal dysfunction and nerve interference to speed my patients' recovery."

Chiropractic Care to Address Your Pain

Nice Touch Chiropractic offers not only chiropractic care, but also massage therapy in a tranquil environment.

When you work with Dr. Nice, she first gains a full understanding of your symptoms, your work environment, and your needs. She then helps you identify and eliminate the factors that are at the root of your pain. Dr. Nice will enhance your path to recovery using massage and spinal manipulation. Dr. Nice is happy to work with and refer other health care professionals if needed.

Whether you choose chiropractic care or massage to escape the pressures of the daily grind, consult with Dr. Veronica Nice. She will partner with you to strike the perfect balance for improved health and a happier life.